What Your Dressing Style Says About You

Beyond every aorta of doubt, the quote “the way you dress is the way you will be addressed” has become more of a cliché today, and there is only one reason why words become clichés in the first place- because it is the truth.

Clothing has moved from the hay days of just covering people’s nakedness, clothing today is an expression of who you are as a person or what you are feeling at a particular point in time. Therefore, it is thus super-important as it serve as an outward presentation of the feeling on your inside.

In light of these, several brands have cropped up delivering fantastic approach to cloth making and all other aspect of luxury fashion such as creating luxurious, and fantastic wears that satisfies a number of criteria. Our brand is out to fulfil your fashion expectation and we intend to do this by creating lovely and yet timeless collections.

This is achieved by the combination of the best fabrics world over and the expertise and tact of our world-class designers.  Our niche in luxury women clothing includes:

Evening gowns

When you have a ball or dinner you want to attend, worry not about the gown to wear. We have a few options you can choose from that will ensure that you are looking glamorous and also perfect for the occasion. The fabrics used are such that you will fill totally at ease while you become the center of attraction for your wonderful taste in clothes. How about our new Sophie Maxi Dress or this Victoria Stripped Sun Dress? Either one, they will make you feel extra special!


Who says luxury clothing is only for parties and the runway, definitely not us. Our fantastic array of luxurious casual clothing can come in handy on non-party days. Their distinctive touch that speaks class will definitely set you apart from the crowd, either you decide to walk your dog or shop in the store on the street corner. We ensure that you ooze class even on normal days, every day. Our new summer shorts set is perfect for a nice afternoon out. 

Business wears

The workplace is a world of its own, with its own rules and regulations. This is the last place you would definitely want to joke with when it comes down to your dressing. No need to break sweat over choosing what to wear to work, check with us. Whichever way you choose to swing, we prove that our clothing items are classy and top-notch. It’s high time you chose to dress powerfully to that next board meeting and let your clothing and body language do the talking before you utter a word. You will see how easy it is to get what you want from a business proposition using the power of dressing. How about this beautiful skirt set for your next business meeting? 

Our brand is set to make all of your entrances memorable and worthwhile, why not allow us to clothe you for success? Leave a lasting impression on your audience, dress powerfully, dress luxuriously.


B&G Team